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FROM: Dave Bilger
SUBJECT: Open Letter about veneers in general

Hello! Many people are getting into veneers. They are cost effective, ecologically prudent, and allow design possibilities which are not attainable with solid stock.

Our veneers are 100% natural wood species. These are NOT backed with cheap paper and are NOT pre-seamed. If you require pre-seamed sheet goods, you have come to the wrong place...
Please try the following links. You can look at actual inventory

and then select the appropriate sizes for your project from the
price list...

Photos > http://www.wood-veneers.com/veneer_extra.html

Price List and Sizes > http://www.wood-veneers.com/table-1.htm

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Thanks for you interest in B&B Rare Woods...
And here's to being of service to you in the near future!
Dave Bilger (owner)

B&B Rare Woods

871 Brickyard Circle unit C-4
Golden CO 80403 -USA-
phone: +(303) 986-2585

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