A Trip Through the Veneer Mill  by Dave Bilger
I've had a lot of requests for this section, so the last time I was at the plant, I decided to shoot some photos.
Michael (the President) let me wander around  & this is what I came up with. 
I met plenty of really friendly people & watched as they performed their duties....
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1) The Saw Mill. This is where I started. It is up the hill - attached above the plant. Of course this is a very critical part of the operation as it is where the logs are processed.
2) The Log Yard. This is adjacent to the Saw Mill and contains the high quality veneer logs. They are kept fresh and wet with a sprinkler system until they are ready to be cut.
3) The logs are loaded into the De-barker where the bark is removed & then they travel up the conveyor chain into the Saw Mill.
4) Up in the mill, these freshly de-barked logs are staged awaiting their first cut on the saw. 
5) They are loaded up in the band mill - ready! 
6) This is the large band saw ready for action.. 
7) The first cut is taken to true up the log, as the sawyer determines the very best place to cut the log in half. A laser beam helps as the sawyer rotates the log...
8) The critical cut is made and will determine the quality and yield of the produced material. This is a very critical step & the Sawyer has been with the company for many years...
9) The half log is just ready to fall, as the saw is ending it's cut. This is a high grade cherry which will end up as beautiful architectural veneer.
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