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John Russell Boxes - New York


John was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated in graphic design from UCLA. Marquetry began as a hobby with John, who is self-taught, and slowly took over his life. It is now his only occupation (or perhaps preoccupation is more appropriate). Marquetry is essentially "painting with wood" and his graphic design background has given him an unusual approach to the ancient art form. He uses approximately 75 different types of wood veneer in his designs. If he has a philosophy about his craft it is that by blending his design sense with the art of marquetry he is able to celebrate the extraordinary beauty of wood by making functional objects.

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All of these boxes are lined with suede cloth in complimentary colors and are coated with 12 to 14 coats of nitrocellulose gloss lacquer. They also have a 3/4" leather strap that acts as a lid-stay. The jewelry box trays are also completely lined in the suede cloth.
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