Jerry Meldrum
West Hills, CA
.It is a sideboard
roughly based on an 1860
prototype and made with black walnut
and genuine B&B big leaf maple burl veneer in nine decorative
panels. Actual size is approx. 7.25in high x 5.25in wide x 2in
deep.  Obviously, that makes the veneer panels all pretty
small, which is why I am always interested in finding
interesting veneers, especially burls, with small feature
sizes.  Some of your veneers, like the maple burl, have been
perfect for this kind of application.
I made three more versions of this sideboard.  One is in oak
with B&B white oak burl panels, another in black walnut with
B&B California claro walnut burl panels, and one in Honduras
mahogany with that great four curls to the inch mahogany
veneer you had a couple of years ago.  If you have time to
take a look, there are photos posted here:

I credited B&B in a caption for the oak sideboard, including
your web site, but it unfortunately didn't come up as a
clickable link.  I think your veneers and my talented wife's
faux marble tops really set these pieces apart from the usual
run of scale furniture.

Keep selling the good stuff that nobody else has and thanks
for your willingness to sell it a sheet at a time.  I guess
that based on my utilization, I must be your smallest