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Steve Gray -  Littleton, CO


This is the beautiful marquetry piece that Steve completed in 1992.  It took a top award in the 8th Annual International Creative Marquetry Society Exhibition.  The fish body was made from 1 piece of greenish poplar which gave the impression of a totally rounded 3-Dimensional body!  The river was made from 2 pieces of primavera and were a dead ringer for a little water fall ...   Steve's work is an excellent example of what can be done by pushing the envelope of creativity!

Delicate Arch is also a favorite of mine.  The arch was created from shades of Narra.  Steve has created the illustion of light hitting the "rock" surface in an early morning setting. This one has a particularly striking depth!

Gray's Peak is set in a classic atmospheric mood.  Through careful selection of the woods and tonal values, Steve has created another really fine work of art . . .

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